Women’s Health-OB/GYN


Women's Health—OB/GYN

The OB-GYN care team at Samaritan is individual, customized, and personal. That’s why our OB-GYN care team includes Dr. Ryan Rasmussen and Lizzy Bonadies, certified nurse-midwife.

Samaritan offers a full range of Women’s Health services, including pregnancy and high-risk pregnancies, childbirth, postpartum care, laparoscopic surgery, well-woman services, family planning, adolescent care, and more. In addition to helping with your current health concerns, we can work with you to avoid future healthcare needs. Dr. Ryan Rasmussen, Lizzy Bonadies (Certified Nurse-Midwife), and the healthcare staff provide state-of-the-art OB-GYN care for all ages of women’s health in the greater Moses Lake region.

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