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Summer 2019. Regain your freedom to move again. Focused on pediatrics. Former Samaritan Foundation scholarship recipient gives back by serving others. Ask the podiatrist: Q&A with Dr. Arezou Amidi.

Archived Issues

Spring 2019. Samaritan Healthcare partners with five hospitals as Grand Columbia Health Alliance. Welcome New Physicians and Providers. Theresa Sullivan, CEO, Named State of Washington's 2018 Grassroots Champion.

Winter 2019. A whole-life approach to behavioral healthcare; 6 proactive health tips; 'They didn't give up'; Golf classic scores donations for MRI; and more.

Fall 2018. Ready for anything; Our current project; The Mental Health Awareness event was a success!; Our team is growing!; Pain management that works; and more.

Summer 2018. Our OB-GYN care team; Community health education events; Remodeled Samaritan clinic completed ahead of schedule; 7 ways to make the most of your doctor visits; and more.

Spring 2018. More options for healthcare; Heartfelt donation brings music to Samaritan; Active treatments, patient-centered approach; 5 things every woman should know about heart disease; and more.

Winter 2018. All ages, all stages; The healing power of philanthropy; Dedicated volunteers; Family-friendly pediatrics; Caring for feet and ankles; A higher standard for women's health care; and more.

Fall 2017. Family medicine from the heart; Aging Isn't for Sissies!; The surprising benefits of volunteering; Medical emergencies; and more.

Summer 2017. Stop hurting. Start living.; Learn to recognize a heart attack; From A-Z: Your guide to summer safety.

Spring 2017. Get the care you need fast with Flex Care; Foundation giving to mission; Community Relations Committee; High blood pressure: 4 myths debunked; and more.

Winter 2017. Our vision: Will you stand with us?; What is a doctor of osteopathy?; Urgent care: Help when you need it; The need for blood is urgent!; Breast cancer: 5 facts you may not know; and more.

Fall 2016. New cardiac rehab: Improved quality of life; Congratulations, scholarship winners!; Foundation aims high; Guilt-free treats for a cause; School days are here again!; We're in this together; 4 steps to better joint health; and more.

Summer 2016. Samaritan welcomes newcomers, they welcome newborn; Do you have childbirth questions?; The evening was BaVERYia successful; Foundation brings bounce to the Fun Run; A friend to the community; Anatomy of a stroke; Heart failure: 5 steps for better health; Make your heart strong again; Summer get-togethers; We deliver!; and more.

Fall 2015. Personal & professional; Desert Golf Classic: A hole-in-one for cardiac rehab; Don't play the waiting game: Take heart attack symptoms seriously; October a good time to consider breast health; Precious cargo: Use your child's safety seat correctly; and more.

Summer 2015. Better together; Someone by your side; Award-winning care; Samaritan Healthcare recognized by Big Bend Community College; Be a happy and safe camper; Looking good, Baby! Checkups can help keep little ones healthy; Is it urgent-or an emergency; and more.

Spring 2015. All of us together: Samaritan Healthcare reinvents its mission and vision; Ed Wilkinson's story; Caring staff changed perspective on local care; Only the best: Samaritan Healthcare's fresh faces; Making it easier for you: Samaritan streamlines the EKG process; and more.

Winter 2015. Theresa Sullivan explores new territory in Moses Lake; Staying well: 5 ways to prevent a return trip to the hospital; Get ready to meet baby; and more.

Late Fall 2015. Diagnostic imaging: Good medicine means a lower dose; Vaccines: Ease the tears and fears; Beyond the obvious: Four unexpected ways to stay healthy with diabetes; and more.

Late Spring 2014. Primary care physicians: Your partners in health; Sleep better, starting tonight; Enjoy germ-free good eats: Tips for buying and prepping fruits and vegetables; and more.

Spring 2014. Samaritan wins patient safety award; Transient ischemic attacks: These small strokes require big action; 14 Tips for a healthier 2014; and more.

Winter 2013. The doctor is in: Andrea Carter, MD, returns to Samaritan; Rheumatoid arthritis: Women's bones at high risk; Winter sports: Keep it safe on snow and ice; and more.

Summer 2013. A day at the fair: Updating nursing skills; A falling out: Why women may lose their hair; Anxiety disorders: When you're wearied by worry; and more.


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