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Summer 2017. Stop hurting. Start living.; Learn to recognize a heart attack; From A-Z: Your guide to summer safety.

Archived Issues

Spring 2017. Get the care you need fast with Flex Care; Foundation giving to mission; Community Relations Committee; High blood pressure: 4 myths debunked; and more.

Winter 2017. Our vision: Will you stand with us?; What is a doctor of osteopathy?; Urgent care: Help when you need it; The need for blood is urgent!; Breast cancer: 5 facts you may not know; and more.

Fall 2016. New cardiac rehab: Improved quality of life; Congratulations, scholarship winners!; Foundation aims high; Guilt-free treats for a cause; School days are here again!; We're in this together; 4 steps to better joint health; and more.

Summer 2016. Samaritan welcomes newcomers, they welcome newborn; Do you have childbirth questions?; The evening was BaVERYia successful; Foundation brings bounce to the Fun Run; A friend to the community; Anatomy of a stroke; Heart failure: 5 steps for better health; Make your heart strong again; Summer get-togethers; We deliver!; and more.

Fall 2015. Personal & professional; Desert Golf Classic: A hole-in-one for cardiac rehab; Don't play the waiting game: Take heart attack symptoms seriously; October a good time to consider breast health; Precious cargo: Use your child's safety seat correctly; and more.

Summer 2015. Better together; Someone by your side; Award-winning care; Samaritan Healthcare recognized by Big Bend Community College; Be a happy and safe camper; Looking good, Baby! Checkups can help keep little ones healthy; Is it urgent-or an emergency; and more.

Spring 2015. All of us together: Samaritan Healthcare reinvents its mission and vision; Ed Wilkinson's story; Caring staff changed perspective on local care; Only the best: Samaritan Healthcare's fresh faces; Making it easier for you: Samaritan streamlines the EKG process; and more.

Winter 2015. Theresa Sullivan explores new territory in Moses Lake; Staying well: 5 ways to prevent a return trip to the hospital; Get ready to meet baby; and more.

Late Fall 2015. Diagnostic imaging: Good medicine means a lower dose; Vaccines: Ease the tears and fears; Beyond the obvious: Four unexpected ways to stay healthy with diabetes; and more.

Late Spring 2014. Primary care physicians: Your partners in health; Sleep better, starting tonight; Enjoy germ-free good eats: Tips for buying and prepping fruits and vegetables; and more.

Spring 2014. Samaritan wins patient safety award; Transient ischemic attacks: These small strokes require big action; 14 Tips for a healthier 2014; and more.

Winter 2013. The doctor is in: Andrea Carter, MD, returns to Samaritan; Rheumatoid arthritis: Women's bones at high risk; Winter sports: Keep it safe on snow and ice; and more.

Summer 2013. A day at the fair: Updating nursing skills; A falling out: Why women may lose their hair; Anxiety disorders: When you're wearied by worry; and more.


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