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Pulmonary Rehabilitation


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Samaritan Healthcare’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation program provides comprehensive rehabilitative care for patients with chronic lung diseases. Pulmonary rehab is based on thorough patient assessments followed by patient-tailored therapies—including exercise training, education, and behavioral changes—designed to improve patients’ physical and psychological health.

In addition to improving overall pulmonary health, other benefits of pulmonary rehab include:

  •     Lessen breathing difficulties
  •     Understand how to use medication and oxygen appropriately
  •     Decreased symptoms of lung disease or condition
  •     Improved ability to function better in daily activities
  •     Improved exercise tolerance
  •     Decreased symptoms and improved management of anxiety and depression
  •     Reduced hospitalizations
What happens in Pulmonary Rehab?

Following a referral from your primary care physician or provider, our Exercise Physiologists will schedule an initial assessment. At this appointment, you will complete a six-minute walk test and a series of surveys to provide insight into your physical and psychological condition and the severity of your lung disease.

After the assessment, the Exercise Physiologists will develop your individualized treatment plan. You may attend up to 36 supervised exercise sessions at a minimum of two or three times per week. These sessions include aerobic exercise classes and education about specific lung diseases and conditions. During exercise sessions you will be provided with oxygen and have continuous oxygen saturation monitoring to ensure your safety.

Follow-up assessments are done frequently throughout the program to ensure that each patient’s individualized treatment plan is effective. An exercise physiologist will also complete a final assessment to assess the improvements in your overall exercise tolerance and your pulmonary health.

  • Current Patients Please Call 509.793.9659 to speak with  your care team.
  • If you are a provider, or a new patient wanting to establish care, please call 509.793.9605

Samaritan Health Care Pulmonary Rehabilitation services adheres to the guidelines set forth by AACVPR.

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