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Mission & Vision

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

All of us, for each of you, every time.

Our Vision

Together, serving as the trusted regional healthcare partner.

Our Values

Being Samaritan starts with truly listening to one another, to our patients, and to our community with a focused concentration on creating win/win opportunities and solutions. When we listen as a Samaritan, we purposefully seek to understand, know the facts, and deliver a peaceful, safe, and nurturing culture for both our regional patients and our fellow employees.

At Samaritan, what sets us apart is our ability and desire to love. Love for our fellow employees, love for our patients, and love for accomplishing what’s best for our community. Living out Samaritan-like love is to purposefully seek to put others above self and deliver care with the kindness and integrity of a family member with the heart of a servant. We rejoice with those who rejoice, we mourn with those who mourn. As we serve our community, our patients, and our fellow employees, we seek to work as one unified body, one visionary mind, all fueled by one strong, beating, loving heart.

At Samaritan, respect empowers us to consistently serve and truly care for our patients and fellow employees with integrity—regardless of age, race, creed, social, or organizational standing. As fellow Samaritans, we understand as a collaborative team that we are to treat everyone as we, ourselves, seek to be treated. Through respect, we will create a trust relationship amongst our fellow employees, medical staff, patients, and community. This allows us to successfully accomplish the tasks, challenges, or opportunities we’ll face together.

To excel as a Samaritan is to successfully and consistently provide high-quality care within a safe environment for both patients and employees, every time. We purposefully set out to continually learn, become more efficient, and deliver safe, exceptional patient care at the best possible price. As a Samaritan, when we excel together, we do what’s right and best for both our founding community and ourselves.

Since 1947, innovation has been a founding value of Samaritan and our regional community. Together, we daily establish the benchmark of what it truly means for a community to care for its community. At Samaritan, we believe innovation provides the necessary staff, resources, technology, partnerships, and education to fulfill our vision. Together, we inspire healthy regional communities both today and generations into the future. As our Samaritan founders said best, “Samaritan stands as a monument to local enterprise and recognition that nothing is too good for the sick in health.”

And at the heart of it all, we are family.
We the employees.
We the medical staff.
We the board of commissioners.
We the patients.
We the community.
We the partners.
We are Samaritan.

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