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Medical Records

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Medical Records

A patient, or his or her legal representative, may inspect and obtain a copy of his or her medical records or have copies of medical records sent to another facility for purposes of continued care.

Samaritan Healthcare requires a completed and signed “Authorization for Release of Health Information” form before releasing any documents to anyone, including the patient, along with photo ID to verify the patient’s identity. A patient’s physician or psychologist may also be required to approve the release of the medical record. Copies going to medical providers for continued care are free of charge. Authorizations are only valid for 1 year.

To Request a Copy of Your Medical Records

Online via HealthSource (contactless requesting):

Samaritan Hospital
(509) 765-5606 ext. 3 Medical Records
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Fax: (509) 764-3214

A HIPAA-compliant authorization form must be completed by the patient or his or her authorized representative. The release must include all patient information, specific information to be released, dates of service, where information will be released to, purpose of disclosure and a valid patient ID. Upon receipt of the authorization form, Samaritan Healthcare has 14 days to complete the request. Requests are completed in the order in which they were received, with any continued care requests being 1st priority.

Please allow up to 14 calendar days for your request to be processed.

Release of Information Charges

Click on the button below to view our fees associated with release of medical information services.

Click on the button below to download an authorization form. Please fill out and return this form to obtain your medical records.

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