Black-and-white photo of early location of Samaritan Hospital.



Grant County Public Hospital District No. 1 was formed in 1947. The first hospital was located in a converted barracks building where the Moses Lake Public Library now stands.

In 1952, the hospital board of commissioners agreed to construct a new hospital on the current site. With funds from a bond levy and a matching federal grant, the new hospital opened in May 1955.

The hospital was expanded in 1980 and 1992, and a major expansion and modernization project was completed in 2002. The project added 60,000 square feet of new space and modernized another 60,000 square feet of existing space. These improvements have resulted in a virtually new facility featuring private rooms, a completely new Advanced Care Unit, the new Leiv Kvamme Mother and Baby Center, a new cafeteria, a new lobby, and expanded patient and family waiting areas.

In late 2005, a new surgery suite dedicated to caesarian section procedures was added to the Mother and Baby Center.

History of Samaritan Clinic

In 1999, Samaritan built a new, 3-story, 62,500-square-foot medical office building at 1550 S. Pioneer Way. The building is the main office for Samaritan Clinic physicians. Other Moses Lake healthcare providers lease space within the facility. It also houses the Samaritan Urgent Care Clinic for the treatment of injuries and illnesses that require a physician’s care but don’t require the extensive capabilities of the hospital emergency room. Located on the clinic premises is the MRI machine for Samaritan.

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