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Allergy and Immunology


Allergy and Immunology

Allergy specialist Dr. Robert Hylander
Dr. Robert Hylander

Samaritan Healthcare has established an Allergy & Immunology department led by Dr. Robert Hylander—a highly experienced specialist for adults and children. Opening the new department reveals Samaritan’s ongoing dedication to keeping patient care close to home.

Dr. Hylander has extensive experience in helping patients with allergy, asthma, or immune system concerns. Prior to joining Samaritan’s team of doctors and providers, Dr. Hylander had provided allergy-immunology care nationally, as well as enjoying his private practice as an immunology and allergy specialist in the Moses Lake area for 30 years. Now his state-of-the-art  allergy and asthma treatments, plus care for immune system conditions, are available at Samaritan.

Allergy and immune system care for all ages.

Dr. Hylander provides highly skilled care—aiming high has been his goal throughout his career and it drives his passion and dedication in helping patients of all ages. He has always been committed to finding solutions for his patients. His expertise includes:

  • Allergy treatments
  • Asthma treatments
  • Immunologic treatment (immune system)
  • Pulmonary care (respiratory diseases)
  • Dermatologic (skin diseases)

If you are ready to enjoy life without suffering from allergies, asthma, immune system issues, and related conditions, schedule an appointment to talk to your primary care provider about a referral with Dr. Robert Hylander: (509) 793-9770

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