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At Samaritan, we work hard to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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We believe that admission to our hospital should be both simple and quick. The first step is that your doctor makes a reservation for you. If the doctor’s reservation is made a few days before your scheduled admission, we may call you for more information to make your admission faster on the day you arrive.

When You Arrive

On the day of admission, you will come directly to the information desk located in the hospital lobby on the 1st floor. The information desk attendee will direct you to the admitting office.

Please bring your insurance card and picture identification with you, as well as the name and phone number of your primary care physician. If a different physician has referred you to Samaritan for treatment, please bring that doctor’s name and phone number as well.

It is also important for us to know about any prescription and over-the-counter medications you are taking, as well as any vitamins or herbal supplements.

Stork Express Pre-Registration

Are you expecting to deliver a baby at Samaritan Hospital? Our Stork Express pre-registration is now available to print and fill out in the comfort of your own home. Once completed, please return by mail or fax to:

Samaritan Hospital Admitting Department
801 E. Wheeler Rd
Moses Lake, WA 98837
Fax: 509.764.3218

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Death With Dignity Act
  1. Washington law recognizes certain rights and responsibilities of qualified patients and health care providers under the Death with Dignity Act (“Act”). Under Washington law, a health care provider, including Samaritan Healthcare, is not required to assist a qualified patient in ending that patient’s life.
  2. Samaritan Healthcare has chosen to not participate under the Death with Dignity Act . This means that in the performance of their duties, Samaritan Healthcare physicians, medical staff, employees, independent contractors and volunteers shall not assist a patient in ending the patient’s life under the Act. In addition, no provider may participate on the premises of the hospital or in property owned by the hospital.
  3. No patient will be denied other medical care or treatment because of the patient’s participation under the Act. The patient will be treated in the same manner as all other Samaritan Healthcare patients. The appropriate standard of care will be followed.
  4. Any patient wishing to receive life-ending medication while a patient at this hospital will be assisted in transfer to another facility of the patient’s choice. The transfer will assure continuity of care.
  5. All providers at Samaritan Healthcare are expected to respond to any patient’s query about life-ending medication with openness and compassion. Samaritan Healthcare believes our providers have an obligation to openly discuss the patient’s concerns, unmet needs, feelings, and desires about the dying process. Providers should seek to learn the meaning behind the patient’s questions and help the patient understand the range of available options, including but not limited to comfort care, hospice care, and pain control. Ultimately, Samaritan Healthcare’s goal is to help patients make informed decisions about end-of-life care.

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Reproductive Health

Samaritan Healthcare complies with the Reproductive Privacy Act, a state law that requires a public hospital district that elects to provide maternity care benefits, services or information through a program administered or funded by the public hospital district, to also provide substantially equivalent pregnancy termination benefits, services or information.

Samaritan Healthcare also complies with its responsibilities under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, 42 U.S.C. §1395dd

Samaritan Healthcare also complies with RCW 70.41.350, Emergency Care Provided to Victims of Sexual Assault.

The Reproductive Privacy Act contains a “conscience clause” acknowledging that no person may be required in any circumstance to participate in the performance of a pregnancy termination or certain other services. Samaritan Healthcare respects each individual’s right to refuse to participate in aspects of care that violates his or her beliefs. Samaritan Healthcare therefore coordinates care so that services are provided with appropriate staff.

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