Nixon Garcia Family

Nixon Garcia Family

Samaritan Welcomes Newcomers, They Welcome Newborn

Having recently moved from Michigan to Moses Lake in order to be closer to relatives, the Garcia family welcomed a new addition to their family this month at Samaritan Hospital.  The delivery of baby girl Mercy was their first experience at Samaritan and mom Jamie said they were very pleased with the process.  Katie Bussard, (former)Mother and Baby Unit nurse manager and friend of the Garcias had previously shared information about the hospital's Stork Express service which allowed Jamie to pre-register for delivery so that admission during labor would be quicker.

"We were able to come in to the hospital with our Stork Express card and immediately go up to an assigned room since we had completed admission forms in advance.  Otherwise, I would have had to spend time providing my information while enduring labor.  I think the Stork Express service is a great idea," Jamie said.  She also commended the nursing staff in the Mother and Baby Unit, especially Mandy L., who not only calmly and caringly assisted her through labor, but also handled the special request of the Garcia's eight-year-old daughter, Grace. 

"Grace wanted a hospital bracelet just like her mom, dad and baby sister," Jamie explained.  "Mandy was kind enough to take time to print an extra bracelet so that Grace didn't feel left out."

On top of the swift admission process and the helpful nursing staff, dad David also commented on the excellent food at the hospital cafeteria.  The entire Garcia family is thankful for the comforts and kindnesses shown to them during their time at Samaritan.

– Jamie Nixon Garcia


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