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Samaritan understands high deductibles and coinsurances mean that you are likely paying more out of your own pocket for health care services.  We know that uncertainty about the financial side of receiving health care can be distressing and we want to help as best we can.  We are pleased to offer patient financial estimation services based on your medical benefits and our reimbursement contract with your health plan.  You can obtain an estimate by calling our Financial Access Specialist Team (FAS) at 509-765-5606 ext. 9766. 

We make every reasonable effort to be accurate, but estimates are not a guarantee.  To help ensure the best estimate possible, we recommend that you also talk with the Member/Customer Service Department at your health plan or other applicable insurer.  They are the most knowledgeable and up-to-date about the status of your benefits and eligibility.  You can usually find their contact information on your member identification card. 

We also have a published version of our chargemaster, which is our full price listing, available by clicking here

The chargemaster contains industry specific language and coding that can make it confusing to navigate and because the health plans negotiate the proprietary fee allowances, it does not accurately reflect or provide actual patient out-of-pocket costs.  For these reasons, we suggest obtaining an estimate as described above.  

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